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Products aimed in particular at ice-cream shops, pastry making and the production of semifreddo with torrone; they are toasted Piedmont hazelnut,  hazelnut. torrone in fine grains and in small pieces, Piedmont hazelnut paste.

Code: S500 – toasted Piedmont hazelnut, 5kg bag

Code: S501 – hazelnut* torrone in pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S502 – hazelnut* paste, 10kg

Code: S505 – hazelnut* torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S506 – hazelnut* torrone in fine grains, 5kg bag

Code: S507 – Torroncino Cream, 5kg

Code: S507M – Almond nougat cream, 5kg

Code: S508 – Almond torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S509 – Pistachio torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”