The Story

Davide Barbero company has a long and glorious story. Thanks to the discovery of some official documents from the Church of Mombercelli d’Asti, we can let our story begin not in 1883 but in the earlier 1838, but … fist thing first:


The dawning

Birth of Filippo Barbero, the most ancient ancestor of which we have knowledge.


Birth of Melchiorre Barbero, son of Filippo


A longer story

Different documents from the municipal archives of Mombercelli d’Asti attest that Filippo Barbero was a baker at the church of Mombercelli d’Asti ; in that period, being a baker meant being a producer of bread, cakes, biscuits, but also nougat and “noasetti” (hazelnuts covered with sugar)


Birth of Michele Barbero, son of Melchiorre


The foundations

Is the official date of the birth of the Barbero company: Melchiorre Barbero asks and obtains the license to sell nougat and “noasetti”.


Melchiorre Barbero gains the degree of progress at the fairs of Naples, Turin and Leghorn, and “King Vittorio Emanuele white cross” price for the careful production of his delicious specialties.


Melchiorre wins the gold medals at the exhibition of Castelfranco Veneto.


Birth of Davide Barbero, son of Melchiorre. Davide Barbero is a leading figure for the company; thanks to his careful at competent guide, the company grows.


The relocation

After Michele Barbero death, her wife Luigia Tedaldi becomes the owner of the company that change its name in “Barbero’s widow” and moves from Mombercelli to Asti in Cotti Ceres road.


Marriage between Davide Barbero and Paola Gerbi (daughter of the professional cyclist Giovanni Gerbi, aka “The red devil”). Birth of their first daughter: Michela Barbero.


The Current Location

Davide Barbero moves the company away from Cotti Ceres road in the even more central Brofferio road, at the old Gerbi bicycle factory where the company still resides today. Birth of the second son of Davide, Giovanni Barbero, the current owner of the company, along with his nephew Davide.


Birth of Davide Maddaleno, son of Michela and current owner of the Barbero company with his uncle Giovanni.

1989 – 1992

birth of Yaritza and Allegra, daughters of Giovanni.


The rebirth

The night between the 5th and the 6th of November , Asti was hit by a disastrous flood in which the company suffered from huge damages and risked the closing. After this tragic event the company revives again stronger than ever, conquering new national and international markets.

2015 – …

The future

The Barbero company with his family went through the history of Asti for 7 generations leaving a positive and “savory” mark. The 16thof November Davide and his girlfriend Federica gave birth to their first son Filippo, the youngest witness of this lucky and “sweet” distant root story that always looks to the future.

Giovanni Gerbi, Il
Davide e Giovanni, il presente della D.Barbero
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