The Process

The crumbly torrone Barbero has unique characteristics as it is a product still produced according to the old recipe of Asti torrone.

The process is that of the past; the torrone is steamed for about 7 hours. We use fresh egg whites which make the torrone crumbly and don’t change the taste of torrone. We select Piedmont Hazelnuts of high quality and the best “Millefiori” honey for our torrone. All the hazelnuts are selected by hand and after cooking, the torrone is removed with wood “paddles” and is shaped by hand in proper beech moulds. The wood is still used because it is heat insulating and it allows the torrone to cool off in the moulds for the required time. After which it is cut and placed on marble tables and then taken to be packed.

This type of artisanal working “Crumbly” torrone is no more used by Piedmont industry because the fresh egg whites are replaced with jellies, which make the cooking of torrone faster. Moreover, in the industrial production the manual work has been replaced by the rolling mill which alters the crumbliness of the product.

Lavorazione a mano parte 1
Lavorazione a mano parte 2
Lavorazione a mano parte 3