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“Tripolini” e “Farcito”

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Torrone covered with extra dark chocolate

The recipe is the same of white crumbly torrone, which once cooled is covered with extra dark

The term Tripolino comes from Tripoli, the present capital of Libia, referring to the period of the Italian empire there.

The farcito is a torrone covered with chocolate in layers, which are clearly visible when cut.

Code 3002G – 100g tripolino (torrone covered with dark chocolate), carton of 30 packets.
Code 3004G – 200g tripolino (torrone covered with dark chocolate), carton of 16 packets.
Code 3005G – 500g farcito (torrone covered with dark chocolate), carton of 12 packets.

Torrone bianco e ricoperto con nocciole*

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Code: 3003L – 150g crumbly covered torrone, carton of 21 packets

Code: 3010L – 250g soft covered torrone, carton of 12 packets

Code: 1002L – 200g crumbly torrone bar, carton of 16 packets

Code : 2001L – 150g soft torrone, carton of 20 packets

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

Catering Products

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Products aimed in particular at ice-cream shops, pastry making and the production of semifreddo with torrone; they are toasted Piedmont hazelnut,  hazelnut. torrone in fine grains and in small pieces, Piedmont hazelnut paste.

Code: S500 – toasted Piedmont hazelnut, 5kg bag

Code: S501 – hazelnut* torrone in pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S502 – hazelnut* paste, 10kg

Code: S505 – hazelnut* torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S506 – hazelnut* torrone in fine grains, 5kg bag

Code: S507 – Torroncino Cream, 5kg

Code: S507M – Almond nougat cream, 5kg

Code: S508 – Almond torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S509 – Pistachio torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”