Gianduiotti are a typical product of our region, made of a soft gianduja paste. The new recipe is characterised by a higher quantity of Piedmont hazelnut and cocoa paste thus giving it a superb taste. D. Barbero revisits the classic gianduiotto with the new flavours: pistacchiotto, created by the collaboration with Pariani firm, gianduiotto, no added sugar gianduiotto and torronjotto.
D. Barbero creates 4 new boxes dedicated to the gianduiotto: in addition to the well-known classic gianduiotto and pistacchiotto, D. Barbero adds 2 brand new tastes: no added sugar gianduiotti for those who want to stay in a “tasty” shape and the torronjotto, the first nougat gianduiotto.

Code: GIAN150G – 150gr classic gianduiotti porthole box , carton of 20 packets.
Code: GIANG – 3 kg loose giandujotti.
Code: GIAN200 – 200g giandujotti bag, carton of 16 packets.

Code: MELO150G – 150gr pistacchiotti porthole box, carton of 20 packets.
Code: PIST3G – 3 kg loose pistacchiotti (pistachio praline).

Code: GIANGSF150G – 150gr no added sugar gianduiotti porthole box, carton of 20 packets.
Code: GIANGSF – 3 kg loose no added sugar giandujotti.

Code: JOT150G – 150gr torronjotti porthole box, carton of 20 packets.
Code: JOTG – 3 kg loose torronjotti.

Code: OBLO150G – 150gr mixed gianduiotti porthole boxes, carton of 20 packets.

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”