Not the usual giandujotti: Barbero revisits the traditional recipe with a higher concentration of hazelnut* and cocoa, thus giving a taste more intense and aromatic to the typical Piedmontese chocolates.

Cod: GIANG – 3kg loose giandujotti

Cod: GIANG200 – Sacchetto di giandujotti da 200g, cartone da 16 confezioni

Cod: GIANG150GL – 150gr Gianduiotti box, carton of 18 packets

The traditional hazelnut* gianduiotti are revisited in two delicious variations: the Torronjotti, the first nougat giandujotto and the Pistacchiotti, the pistachio giandujotto created by the collaboration with the Pariani firm.

Cod: JOTG – 3kg loose torronjotti

Cod: JOT150GL – 50gr torronjotti box, carton of 18 packets

Cod: PIST3G – 3kg loose pistacchiotti (pistachio praline)

Cod: MELO150G – 50gr pistacchiotti box, carton of 18 packets

Cod: BOX150G – 150gr mixed gianduiotti boxes, carton of 18 packets

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”