Panettoni Artigianali

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The elegance of a timeless historical brand and the authenticity of a panettone that comes from the best raw materials
and from the use of natural mother yeast tied in a towel and refreshed three times a day as true tradition dictates. Stoneground
wheat, Calabrian orange skins harvested and peeled by hand, Madagascar vanilla, honey obtained by the nectar
of acacia flowers collected exclusively by bees in the spontaneous woods of the Tuscan hills, integral sea salt, Australian
raisins “5 Corone ”, a fine variety of raisins grown in the south of Australia. Barbero presents his selection of Panettoni:
classic, chocolate, lemon and marron glacé.

Cod: PANCH – 750gr chocolate panettone, carton of 8 packets

Cod: PANCL – 750gr traditional panettone, carton of 8 packets

Cod: PANCL1 – 1kg traditional panettone, carton of 6 packets

Cod: PANLI – 750gr lemon panettone, carton of 8 packets

Cod: PANMG – 750gr marron glacé panettone, carton of 8 packets

Cod: PANMIX – 750gr panettone mixed flavours , carton of 16 packets