Torroncino Creams: Hazelnut, Almon, Chocolate and Hazelnut spread cream

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The Creams

For torrone lovers, but not only, the Torroncino Cream represents a alternative way to taste torrone. In addition to the well known nougat with hazelnut cream, this year D. Barbero presents the one with almond nougat. The nougat cream with chocolate is made from torrone and the best quality cocoa. After a careful research, D. Barbero has come up with a new recipe for a spread cream with 50% hazelnuts * and cocoa from Ecuador.

The creams are ideal to be spread on bread, breadsticks and the taste is considerably exalted if spread on a cracker, pâte brisé and savory baked goods.

Code: CREMTOR – 100g Torroncino cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMRIC – 100g Torroncino and chocolate cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMAND – 100g almond torroncino cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMEQ – 220g hazelnut spread cream with cocoa from Ecuador, carton of 9 jars

Code: CREME – mixed carton of 15 assorted creams: 4 hazelnuts torroncino cream jars, 4 almonds torroncino cream jars, 4 torroncino and chocolate cream jars, 3 hazelnut spread cream with cocoa from Ecuador jars.