Chocolate bars

From the best cocoa blends originate 6 unique chocolate bars: milk with a high percentage of cocoa, dark single origin Venezuela and Santo Domingo, dark with no added sugars, white and caramel.

Code:  SDOMINGO – 80gr dark chocolate Santo Domingo 70%, cartons of 18 packets

Code: MADAGASCAR – 80gr dark chocolate Madagascar 68%, cartons of 18 packets.

Code: NOZUCCHERO – 80gr no added sugar dark chocolate, cartons of 18 packets.
(Sial Innovation Paris 2016 Selection)

Code: TAVM – Mixed carton of 36 packets.

Code: DARKMILK – 80gr milk chocolate bar with high percentage of cocoa (46%), cartons of 18 packets.

Code: CARAMELLOS – 80gr salted caramel chocolate bar, cartons of 18 packets.

Code: VENEZUELA – 80gr dark chocolate Venezuela 72%, cartons of 18 packets.