Elegant metal boxes with torroncini, chocolates, giandujotti and truffles or a Special Mix.

Code: MET – elegant metal boxes containing crumbly white torroncini (100g)/ covered torroncini (100g)/ mixed pralines (150g)/ giandujotti (200g), carton of 20 packets

Code: METT – Metal pink box with crumbly white torroncini made with hazelnuts*

Code: METR – Metal green box with crumbly covered torroncini made with hazelnuts*

Code: METP – Metal yellow box with nocciolini (pralines filled with hazelnuts*.), boeri (pralines filled with cherry and liqueur) and limoncelli (pralines filled with Sorrento limoncello cream).

Code: METG – Metal cream box with giandujotti made with high quantity of hazelnuts*

Code: 1102G – metal box with 400g Special Mix, carton of 6 packets

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”