Tartufi e Dragées

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The truffles are produced with Piedmont hazelnut and the best quality chocolate.

Thanks to the high quality of hazelnut paste, the result is a soft praline with torrone grains inside and another with cocoa grains. The truffle is then dusted with cocoa to finish its preparation.

Code : TART150G – 150g mixed truffles, carton of 12 packets

Code: TAR – 3 kg loose cocoa grains truffles

Code: TART – 3 kg loose torrone grains truffles


The drageés are hazelnuts, almonds, coffee beans, orange peel, all covered with chocolate, either milk, plain or white.

Code: DRAG200 – 200gr dragées bag, carton of 16 packets

Code: DRAG – 5 kg carton dragées

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”