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How to make healty legumes more yummy? Covering them with chocolate of course! That’s how the great collaboration between  the artisanal company Legù and Barbero is created! 100% italian legumes, steam cooked, covered with the unique  Barbero chocolate! One leads to another! Legumes in varying proportion (white beans, chickpeas, yellow lentils, yellow peas) and dark chocolate!

Cod: TL – 3kg loose legumes triangles covered with dark chocolate

Cod: TL01 – 90gr legumes triangles covered with dark chocolate, carton of 12 packets

Cioccolatini e Cri cri

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Dark chocolate praline fi lled with Sorrento limoncello cream “Il Convento”.

Code: LIMF – 4kg loose Limoncelli.

Dark chocolate praline fi lled with a soft hazelnut* cream.

Code: NOCG – 4kg loose Nocciolini.

Chocolates filled with creams

A thin shell of extra dark chocolate, with 60% of cocoa minimum, made with a blend of the best and finest cocoa in the world, contains soft hazelnut, coffee and almonds torroncino creams. The creams are made with the bestraw materials, such as hazelnut*, Sicilian almond and without vegetable hydrogenated fats.

Code: CIOC200 – 200g mixed chocolates, carton of 16 packets.
Code: CIOCN – 4 kg loose chocolates filled with hazelnut cream.
Code: CIOCT – 4 kg loose chocolates filled with almond torroncino cream.
Code: CIOCC – 4 kg loose chocolates filled with coffee cream.
Code: CIOCM – 4 kg loose mixed chocolates.

Cri cri

Round praline made of a toasted hazelnut* covered with extra dark chocolate and sugar.

Code: CRI200 – 200g cri cri, carton of 16 packets.
Code: CRI – 5 kg loose cri cri.

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

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