Tavolette di torrone “Gran Cru”

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The “Gran Cru” bars of torrone were born after a long and meticulous research of the best raw materials and a series of tests that have lead to an excellent quality result. We studied and drew inspiration from different cultures and philosophies of artisan torrone production.

Cod.: CRU – 100g torrone bar in metal box, mixed box of 27 packets (9 for type)

Hazelnut crumbly torrone

Piedmontese nougat. Crumbly as the tradition require. Produced with the best hazelnuts* carefully selected from supply chains in the region of Asti, acacia honey from Masio and muscovado sugar.

Cod.: CRUN – 100g hazelnut torrone bar in metal box, box of 20 packets

Almond soft torrone

Inspired by the tradition of southern nougat. Produced with peeled twin almond pizzuta from Avola, lemon honey from Sorrento peninsula and sicilian lemon skin peel.

Cod.: CRUM – 100g almond torrone bar in metal box, box of 20 packets

Pistachio soft torrone

A tribute to Sicilian nougat, produced with: green Bronte pistachios, sicilian orange honey and orange skin peel from Sicily and Calabria.

Cod.: CRUP – 100g pistachio torrone bar in metal box, box of 20 packets