Le Torronfette®

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A single thin slice of torrone

D. Barbero’s Torronfette® were born in the late ‘50s. At the beginning they were just the remaining part after the process of cutting nougat, then this new and thin product became soon a great success thanks to its wonderful taste and its easiness to eat. Now, for the first time we present “The Torronfetta” : one single thin slice of nougat that you can enjoy during a relaxing moment with a good glass of Moscato or with a sweet meditation wine. Crumbly nougat by D. Barbero is still produced according to the old recipe of Asti’s nougat with a long cooking process in a steam boilers and with the use of high quality raw materials: hazelnut*. almond from Puglia, sicilian pistachio, Millefiori honey, fresh egg white.

Code: 1204G – 200g Torronfette box, minimum order 24 pieces.

Code: 1204PG – 200g Pistachio torronfette box, minimum order 24 pieces.

Code: 1103G – 500g metal box, carton of 6 packets.

Code: 1200G – 500g Torronfette bag, carton of 12 packets.

Code: 1201G – 300g Torronfette lithographed box, carton of 12 packets (until stocks last).

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”