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An old Italian treat that was originated in Venice in the eighteenth century in the first chocolate and coffee small shops: here’s the Napolitain with its unique shape, to taste by itself or with a hot cup of Italian coffee. Barbero chooses six different tastes that get back to our chocolate bars.

One chocolate bar, 9 chocolate pieces: 9 single taste napolitains in transparent box. A bar of
chocolate to taste one piece at a time: dark chocolate from Cuba, dark chocolate from Venezuela, dark chocolate low in sugar, white chocolate, dark milk chocolate, caramel chocolate.

Code: NAP65MA – Madagascar dark chocolate (68%) Napolitans in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets.

Code: NAP65D – Dark milk chocolate (46%) Napolitains in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets.

Code: NAP65KS – Salted caramel chocolate Napolitains in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets

Code: NAP65S – no added sugar Napolitains in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets.

Code: NAP65SD  Santo Domingo chocolate (70%) Napolitains in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets

Code: NAP65V – Venezuela chocolate (72%) Napolitains in elegant box of 65g, carton of 18 packets.

Code: NAPEXPO – Napolitains in elegant box, mixed carton of 36 packets.

Code: NAPMA  3kg loose Madagascar dark chocolate (68%) Napolitains

Code: NAPD – 3kg loose Dark milk chocolate (46%) Napolitains.

Code: NAPKS – Napolitains al cioccolato al caramello salato sfusi, cartone da 3kg • 3kg loose salted caramel chocolate Napolitains

Code: NAPS – 3kg loose no added sugar Napolitains.

Code: NAPSD – kg loose Santo Domingo chocolate (70%) Napolitains

Code: NAPV – 3kg loose Venezuela chocolate (72%) Napolitains.

Code: NAPM – 6kg loose mixed flavor Napolitains.

Code: NAP90 – Mixed flavor Napolitains in 90gr elegant box, cartons of 26 packets.

Code: NAP220 – Mixed flavor Napolitains in 220gr elegant box, cartons of 10 packets.

Giandujotti, Torronjotti, Pistacchiotti and no added sugar Giandujotti

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Not the usual giandujotti: Barbero revisits the traditional recipe with a higher concentration of hazelnut* and cocoa, thus giving a taste more intense and aromatic to the typical Piedmontese chocolates.

Cod: GIANG – 3kg loose giandujotti

Cod: GIANG200 – Sacchetto di giandujotti da 200g, cartone da 16 confezioni

Cod: GIANG150GL – 150gr Gianduiotti box, carton of 18 packets

The traditional hazelnut* gianduiotti are revisited in two delicious variations: the Torronjotti, the first nougat giandujotto and the Pistacchiotti, the pistachio giandujotto created by the collaboration with the Pariani firm.

Cod: JOTG – 3kg loose torronjotti

Cod: JOT150GL – 50gr torronjotti box, carton of 18 packets

Cod: PIST3G – 3kg loose pistacchiotti (pistachio praline)

Cod: MELO150G – 50gr pistacchiotti box, carton of 18 packets

Cod: BOX150G – 150gr mixed gianduiotti boxes, carton of 18 packets

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”


Torroncino Creams: Hazelnut, Almon, Chocolate and Hazelnut spread cream

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The Creams

For torrone lovers, but not only, the Torroncino Cream represents a alternative way to taste torrone. In addition to the well known nougat with hazelnut cream, this year D. Barbero presents the one with almond nougat. The nougat cream with chocolate is made from torrone and the best quality cocoa. After a careful research, D. Barbero has come up with a new recipe for a spread cream with 50% hazelnuts * and cocoa from Ecuador.

The creams are ideal to be spread on bread, breadsticks and the taste is considerably exalted if spread on a cracker, pâte brisé and savory baked goods.

Code: CREMTOR – 100g Torroncino cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMRIC – 100g Torroncino and chocolate cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMAND – 100g almond torroncino cream, carton of 18 jars

Code: CREMEQ – 220g hazelnut spread cream with cocoa from Ecuador, carton of 9 jars

Code: CREME – mixed carton of 15 assorted creams: 4 hazelnuts torroncino cream jars, 4 almonds torroncino cream jars, 4 torroncino and chocolate cream jars, 3 hazelnut spread cream with cocoa from Ecuador jars.

Torrone bianco e ricoperto con nocciole*

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Code: 3003L – 150g crumbly covered torrone, carton of 21 packets

Code: 3010L – 250g soft covered torrone, carton of 12 packets

Code: 1002L – 200g crumbly torrone bar, carton of 16 packets

Code : 2001L – 150g soft torrone, carton of 20 packets

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

Catering Products

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Products aimed in particular at ice-cream shops, pastry making and the production of semifreddo with torrone; they are toasted Piedmont hazelnut,  hazelnut. torrone in fine grains and in small pieces, Piedmont hazelnut paste.

Code: S500 – toasted Piedmont hazelnut, 5kg bag

Code: S501 – hazelnut* torrone in pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S502 – hazelnut* paste, 10kg

Code: S505 – hazelnut* torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S506 – hazelnut* torrone in fine grains, 5kg bag

Code: S507 – Torroncino Cream, 5kg

Code: S507M – Almond nougat cream, 5kg

Code: S508 – Almond torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

Code: S509 – Pistachio torrone in small pieces, 5kg bag

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

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